A Message From Tammy to all the family and friends:
Thank you very, very much for welcoming me in Egypt in such a wonderful way. I really had a great time with all of you and I instantly felt like I am one of the family.

THANK YOU to Fady's parents, Marian and Emad who made me feel at home from day 1. Thanks to all the aunts and uncles, the rest of the family, and all the great friends.


Proposal by the Pyramids

Seeing the Pyramids is a lifetime dream for many people. I had decided to take Tammy 2 days after she arrived in Egypt to the Pyramids. Also, I had a secret plan, I wanted to propose to her to marry me. I hoped for an interesting proposal story to tell to the children and the grandchildren.When we're talking about everlasting love, what is a better place or a more romantic location than the site of the ancient, eternal pyramids?! The pyramids are the only remaining structures of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.


The Pyramids being the OLDEST structures in the world were built around 4,500 years ago. A pyramid was built as the huge stone tomb for a Pharaoh (Egyptian King). The riches inside the pyramids were a temptation to robbers. The pyramid builders tried to fool the thieves by making false doors, staircases, secret rooms and corridors. The Egyptians mummified more than the pharaohs. They also mummified the Pharaoh's pets and buried them in the pyramids to keep the dead kings company.

FACT: There are over 100 pyramids in Egypt. The 3 Pyramids of Giza are the most famous.

We recommend that you hire a horse-drawn carriage to tour the area, and there will be a local guide with you, directing the horse. It is not an easy walk around the Pyramids and the Sphinx, especially in the scorching sun, while surrounded by the desert.

The above picture on the right is a few moments before I propose to Tammy. You can see my backpack on my right shoulder and of course, she did not know that I had a diamond ring inside that bag for her. While she was enjoying the scene at the Giza plateaue of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, I told her to follow me away from the crowds.

Then I started talking to her about how I feel that she completes me, and that I am happy that we've gone through the hard times and joyful times together during the past 5 years. After my little romatic speech , I got down on one knee, took the ring box out of my backpack and I told her:

With a big smile, her answer was YES! YES! banana I placed the ring on her left hand and you can see it in the above picture.


Cairo Museum

On the same day, we visited the Egyptian Museum, also known as the Cairo Museum, where there is an extremely large collection of antiquities on display. You get to see thousands of years of history and explore different eras, from ancient Egyptian to Greek and Roman eras.
Beach at El-Montaza, Alexandria

Another day was spent at the Venecia Beach, in the Montaza district in Alexandria. It is simply a palace surrounded by gardens on the beach. There are walls around the area that belong to the palace as shown in the pictures below. The Montaza Palace was built in 1892 to be one of the palaces (summer residence) for the Royal Family. But now that area is open for the public. It is full of beautiful gardens, palm trees and it is known as a very romantic place in Alexandria where couples go and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

By the beach, we were able to rent a motorboat (a launch) to enjoy the scene of all of Alexandria from the middle of the water.

Qaitbay Fort

Qait Bay Fort was built to defend Alexandria in the 15th centry (in 1477). It was build on the ruins of the Pharos of Alexandria (the famous Lighthouse), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Remember that all seven wonders of the ancient world do not exist anymore except the Pyramids of Giza.
It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea from its beautiful location.


Qaitbay Fort was built by the Mamluks to protect against the Ottoman Empire invasions. You can see in the above left picture very narrow windows made for the archers to defend the city with their arrows.

The ceilings are made of mudbrick. I was personally surprised to see palm wood inside the walls (look at above picture on the right), after I asked, I found out that it was a method in their architecture for the building to absorb earthquakes. Earthquakes are known to have destroyed the Pharos (lighthouse of Alexandria) at the same location centuries ago. What a brilliant idea from the 15th century!

Library of Alexandria

In the ancient world, the Library of Alexandria was the largest library. Egypt desired to revive its rich heritage so they built a new, unique library that would serve the nation and the world. It is officially called Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which is Latin language, meaning the Library of Alexandria.

Alexander the Great would have been proud of this.

Construction began in 1995. It was officially inaugurated in October, 2002. It has a large collection of rare books and manuscripts. The surrounding buildings in the library complex host some of the greatest orchestras in the world as they are very active in the fields of high culture, art exhibitions and music.

Personally, I was intrigued by the architecture of the Library and its symbolism and that is why I will share it with you. After a fierce competition in architecture among 1400 participants, led by UNESCO, the Norwegian company Snøhetta won with their design. It is hightly symbolic in incoporating the shape of a circular disk, that looks like a rising Sun, signifying its importance as a beacon to the world. They surrounded the building with water, and palm trees. They made the roof reflective to mirror the Meditteranean Sea and the Sun. Here is not the place to analyze the whole building, but it is full of meanings and symbols from the design of the roof, to the hieroglyphs and letters inscribed on its exterior walls. Maybe one day, I will dedicate a whole article to its architectural beauty.

Having practiced jogging in many cities, over the past few years, one of my favorites is Alexandria, where I enjoy jogging at least 1 or 2 times every week at 6:00 in the morning, on the road of the beach. Actually, you can see my route in the right picture above where I start from home, next to the Library of Alexandria, then I go upwards towards the east.


FACT: Alexandria was founded by the Greek Macedonian king Alexander the Great in 332 BC.
FACT: 80% of all of Egypt's imports and exports go through the port of Alexandria.
DID YOU KNOW: In 1907, it was a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city where 25% of its population were foreigners.
FACT: Cleopatra was the last pharaonic ruler of Egypt before it fell to the Roman empire in 30 B.C. The stormy romance between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony happened here in Alexandria.

Four Seasons Hotel, at San Stefano, Alexandria
Egyptian/Middle Eastern Cuisine

Tammy tried many kinds of middle eastern food during her stay in Egypt. Below are some of her favorites. Ramy, my cousin, suggested that we take her to the local shop of traditional beverages, where she drank sugar cane juice, carob (kharub), tamarind juice (tamr hindi), sobia (a mix of coconut and milk), doum juice (a fruit from palm trees, also called Hyphaene thebaica). Tammy's ultimate favorite was SUGAR CANE JUICE. She actually loved it very much that she asked me to give her a large bottle to take to Canada, but I explained that its flavor will change fast and it will not taste the same after her arrival in Canada.
Sugar Cane Juice
Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane Juice
Ramy's other sugggestion was to buy some falafel from a small shop on the street, for Tammy to try it. By the end of her vacation in Egypt, when I asked her what is the Egyptian food that she enjoyed the most. She replied that while she enjoyed the meat (kabab and kofta), poultry, and seafood, she found the falafel to be extremely delicious.





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